The Summit Group is a publisher of high quality magazines, books and other publications. Many of its publications are supported by advertisers and sponsors as well as by retail sales.

Summit also has expertise in contract publishing. The team has provided its clients with quality publications for over fifteen years. We offer a full range of services, from research, writing, editing, translation and design to printing, distribution and database management. We also assist the client with revenue generation in the form of sponsorship and advertising. The result has been a first class collection of newsletters, journals, books and website content for both the public and private sector communities.

Our staff have distinguished and diverse backgrounds in such areas as contract publishing, journalism, project management and consulting and have worked for a variety of organizations in the private and public sectors, both in Canada and abroad. Formed in 1998 and based in Ottawa, Canada's capital city, Summit maintains a network of associated firms including printers, designers and consultants, all with stellar records of their own.

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The Summit Group
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Ottawa, ON K1S 2P8
Phone: 613-688-0763
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email: info@summitconnects.com


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