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Summit magazine contents
2006 - Volume 9

Canada's magazine on public sector purchasing


-->November/December 2006, Issue 7
October 2006, Issue 6
September 2006, Issue 5
June 2006, Issue 4
April/May 2006, Issue 3
March 2006, Issue 2
January/February 2006, Issue 1

Nov/Dec 2006
Volume 9, Issue 7


Pairing up
Pairing the Dynamic Baseline Model and the Excellence Driven Approach to manage and measure major projects helps managers proactively identify issues in order to deliver successfully
by Bryan Shane and Patricia Lafferty

Greasing the wheels
Information management systems and analysis can help grease the process of implementing accountability, supporting policies, systems, processes and controls
by Raymond R. Hession

2nd Annual Leadership in Public Procurement Award
See why the City of Ottawa's Light Rail Transit procurement takes top honours and learn why Ontario's Catholic School Board's energy buy and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing's guide to developing procurement bylaws provide were finalists.
Award collaborators: Summit Magazine and the Canadian Public Procurement Council

"Greening" the light bulb
New research and development in solid state lighting technology may change the way you buy and maintain lighting systems
by Anne Phillips


legal notes
Think your written contract is the be all and end all? Think again, as the Court can imply terms that will govern your contractual relationship.
by Robert C. Taylor and Lisa M. Bolton

311. U-city. Are you ready?
It is a wired world. However, we ain't seen nothin' yet as shown when a Summit "Chatroom Live" panel - Microsoft's National Technology Officer John Weigelt, Gatineau City Manager Mark Laroche, and Senior Consultant Don Cormier from AtFocus discusses the impact and potential, both good and bad, of ubiquitous technology
chatroom hosted by David Newman

Political sea changes can spell trouble for existing contracts, and trying to protect one's self through discretionary termination clauses may cause other problems.
by Steve Bauld and Kevin McGuinness

Web Special: Weigh the scales
When evaluating RFPs, the measurement scale matters and buyers should exercise caution
by Alex Zhykharyev, PhD

October 2006
Volume 9, Issue 6


Wireless meshes uptown, downtown, across town
by Richard Bray

It's a match
Passports to use facial recognition software
by Richard Bray


Green is good for business in Halifax
municipal matters
by Corrie Fletcher-Naylor

Prove it
Indexing measures purchasing performance
by Larry Berglund, CPP, MBA

Managing the brain drain
Retaining organizational wisdom from retiring workers
by Betty Healey, Med


legal notes
RFP or tender? A judge decides.
by Glenn Ackerley

paradigm shift
How not to abandon your e-procurement initiative
by Jon Hansen

in our opinion
Tips to tap emotional intelligence training
by Steve Bauld and Kevin McGuinness

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September 2006
Volume 9, Issue 5


Flight test
Procurement personnel from BC test an automated system to procure consulting services
by Chris F. Jones

The proof is in the pudding
An advertising management tool helps advertisers pay only for what they get
by Chantal Chamberland

Exercising ethics
Out of filing cabinets and into practice
by Gerry Stobo

COVER The people gap
Public procurement needs talented people; HR needs to help find them
by Terry Lister

Greening begins at home
Municipal operations seek to improve their own energy efficiency
by Summit staff


paradigm shift
The diminishing role of technology in e-procurement strategies, part I
by Jon Hansen

Ethics at work
hosted by David Newman

in our opinion
Negotiating better using your emotional intelligence
by Steve Bauld and Kevin McGuinness

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June 2006
Volume 9, Issue 4


Signed, sealed… now to deliver
Exploring the keys to successful performance-based contracts
by Rob Cooke and Glenn Davidson

"Responsible" procurement
Recognizing, accepting and managing the effect of procurement on social issues
by Barbara Allen

Government contract; business benchmark
An Ontario P3 kick starts Teranet
by Naomi Dummett

That's a match
The RCMP automates fingerprint IDs
by Thom Barker

Turning tide
A new survey provides analysis on P3s as a procurement tool
by Abraham Akkawi

Full circle
Government R&D money results in new and greener goods and services for public sector buyers
by Vicky J. Sharpe


legal notes
New US law sets rogues to catch rogues… should we follow suit?
by Jonathon Aronie

How to "green" your procurement
hosted by David Newman

in our opinion
Reducing the adversarial approach to contracting
by Steve Bauld and Kevin McGuinness

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April/May 2006
Volume 9, Issue 3


Identity is everything
Advanced card technologies make identity cards affordable, convenient and safe
by Catherine Johnston

Achieving digital inclusion
Government best practice promotes household adoption of computers
by Doug Cooper

Play your cards
P-cards and e-procurement systems: a winning pair that provides decision-making data
by Richard Bray

Smart cards; smart solutions
Addressing the myths fears of implementation
by Kevin Cowie


Tailored to fit
Strategic public procurement can stimulate the economy
by Barbara Allen

Kick start
Alberta's collaboration with the private and academic sectors on R&D to build a knowledge-based economy offers a methodology for others
by Suzana Krpan

FedWatch: Professional certification program
The federal government launches its new procurement, materiel and real property certification program
by Anne Phillips

Highlights of the Federal Accountability Act
April 11, 2006, the new Conservative government presented its first piece of legislation, which contains specific references to procurement practices
by Anne Phillips

Green procurement (special supplement)
Research and writing by Toby Osborne

  • Greening federal government operations
    An interview with Margaret Kenny, director general at the new Office of Greening Government
  • Fleets of the future… NOW
    Fleet managers look to add hybrid vehicles to their fleets
  • Building your 'green' supplier base
    EcoMarkets survey helps suppliers of green products and services design what you want
  • Canada's greenest buildings
    The LEED standard leads the way for government, contractors and designers
  • Choosing an eco-friendly hotel
    The Green Leaf Program is a tool to help you choose excellence and environmental responsibility


legal notes
Accounting for the sins of the father following Gomery and the MFP inquiry
by Gerry Stobo

in our opinion
Performance-based contract initiatives prove to be two-edged sword
by Steve Bauld and Kevin McGuinness

Plus: More stories on the Web @

March 2006
Volume 9, Issue 2


Save time; save money
A vendor's top 10 tips to improve the RFP process
by Chris F. Jones

It's getting easier to be green
Resources and policy make it easier for buyers to incorporate "greening" in their decisions
by Matthew Sachs

Menace of maturity, Part II
Demographic change opens the door to the recruitment and retention of skilled procurement candidates.
by Terry Lister

Buying force
Procurement shared services model works for governments
by Rob Cooke

Untethered communications
Making the case for more wireless within governments
by Tyler Cashion

RetSreen: an energy analysis tool
Natural Resources Canada's internationally known software tool can help you evaluate the potential of clean energy projects
by David Newman

Kamloops' award-winning water solution; UN procurement audit; and e-voting machines in the US
compiled by Summit staff


in our opinion
Benchmarking suppliers
by Steve Bauld and Kevin McGuinness

Plus: More stories on the Web @

January/February 2006
Volume 9, Issue 1


Green power
Why, and how, to purchase it
by Matthew Sachs

Picturing performance
Key performance indicators create snapshot of procurement efforts
by Dan Scharf

e-waste: a hidden cost
Life-cycle costing can reveal the true cost of purchasing computers
by Anne Phillips

FedWatch: "greening" federal procurement
Pushed and prodded, steps are being taken
by David Newman

Building blocks to better procurement
Using a procurement measure index
by Bryan Shane and Patricia Lafferty

Education anywhere
Expanding education horizons for First National through distance learning initiative
by Anne Miller


Buyers speak out on standing offer/lowest price purchasing
Hosted by David Newman

legal notes
Leasing lives on after Toronto's MFP scandal
by Guy Giorno

in our opinion
Conceptualizing value for money
by Steve Bauld and Kevin McGuinness

Plus: More stories on the Web @

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