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Summit magazine contents
2009 - Volume 12

Canada's magazine on public sector purchasing

January-February 2009 Issue 1
March 2009, Issue 2
April 2009, Issue 3
June 2009, Issue 4
July 2009, Issue 5
September 2009, Issue 6
October 2009, Issue 7


October 2009
Volume 12, Issue 7


 Stepping towards professionalism
Sector experts have recognized that program accredittation and credential transferability are important to current and future supply chain professionals and have developed tools to help.
by Anne Phillips

 5 techniques to get Better Proposal Responses
Tips for your RFPS so you will get the information you need to evaluate your bidders.
by Michel Theriault

 Tap ALL your resources
When funding municipal projects, philanthropy may be a source that is being overlooked.
by Sue Egles

municipal matters

 Change orders
Discussing how to deal with change orders and the challenges they present.
by Kevin McGuinness and Stephen Bauld

 Yesterday Today Tomorrow an IT mashup
The GTEC conference and trade show provided opportunity for public sector staff to learn, share and develop new ideas.
by Summit staff


 paradigm shift
The relationship between procurement and economic development is up for discussion in the context of the Buy America provisions.
by Jon Hansen

 in my opinion
Procuring IT software can be made more complex by a lack of communication and a “do it my way” approach.
by Michael Asner

September 2009
Volume 12, Issue 6


 Automated language translation
No matter the language, IT translation software is increasingly providing a solution for public sector communication requirements
by Hannah Grap

 Procuring “free” software
Governments face some challenges when deciding to procure open source software. Understanding the value and the options open are key to success.
by Mike Gifford

 Government, citizens, services, growth
Ontario’s Halton region maximizes its IT investments to support organizational efficiency and citizen service.
by Ralph Blauel

 eHealth lessons
What can we learn from the procurement processes being scrutinized at Ontario’s eHealth agency?
by Andrew Miller


municipal matters

 A house divided
…It is “particularly critical that the exclusivity of staff and council responsibilies be made both express and manifest in relation the purchasing function.” Bauld and McGuinness look at this important element of municipal government.

July 2009
Volume 12, Issue 5


 Motorway Autoroute Autopista
English, French or Spanish, the communications for the A30 P3 project provides a challenge for translation services.
by Hamish Wood

 Cold case – procurement and logistics in the Arctic
Just 10 years after its inception, procurement in Nunavut is a key element of the government influenced by geography, culture and climate.
by Mark McCulloch

 Emotional intelligence at work
Tips on how you can improve and apply your emotional intelligence at work with colleagues, clients and suppliers.
by Peter Taylor

News summaries and information for procurement professionals
by Summit staff

 "Greening" your enterprise
A checklist to help you negotiate the path to sustainability
by Ann Calder

 Testing VoIP performance
Governments transitiong to VoIP have to be strategic in their implementation and rollout to maximize the benefits – there is no margin for error or delay. Testing is the key.
by Peter Higgins

municipal matters

 Purchasing professional consulting, Part IV
Pricing related risks when recruiting and contracting professional consultants
by Steve Bauld and Kevin McGuinness

June 2009
Volume 12, Issue 4


 The role of advisors in successful P3s
As P3s become more prevalent so does the range of professional advisors that provide the glue that can hold the partnership together.
by John Chenery

 Crunching P3s – delivering transportation infrastructure in a recession
The credit crunch impacts the debate on whether or not to use P3s as a delivery method for building roads and bridges.
by Ian J. Houston

 The Job Order Contract RFP
…provides a new approach to construction contracting, especially for projects in the $50,000 to $500,000 range.
by Vince Duobinis and Kelvin King

 Know your vendors
How to manage and evaluate your consultant’s performance
by Chris F. Jones

municipal matters

 Purchasing professional consulting, Part III
Recruiting and contracting professional consultants with transparency
by Steve Bauld and Kevin McGuinness


 Accessibility laws and what they mean to you
legal notes
by April D. Brousseau

 Testing, testing, testing for transparency and fairness
in my opinion
by Michael Asner

(links to 20090601_07.pdf)

 Economic crisis calls for precision drafting
checkpoint 2
by Paul Emanuelli

The Canadian Communities Purchasing Alliance comes to Canada
by Scott Wilson

 Come on out to the CPPC Forum
This annual forum, this year in Victoria is your opportunity to learn, share and network with your colleagues across Canada.
by Scott Wilson

face to face

 Meet Sydney Monteith
Sydney, based in the Cariboo-Chilcotin region of BC, is an operations technician contracting officer with the BC Ministry of Forests.

April 2009
Volume 12, Issue 3


 Table of Contents

 Good planets are hard to buy
In the practice and promotion of green procurement, your role as supply professionals is changing. This article explains how and why.
by Larry Berglund, CPP

 From garbage to green energy
An Ottawa company is demonstrating how to use gas released at landfill sites to make electricity and other saleable products.
by Lindsay Ames

 Debugging degradables
Are you trying to understand what is hype and what is fact when it comes to degradables? There are Canadian standards to help inform your choice… plus, a bit about plastic bag recycling.
by Cathy Cirko

 Cool roofs
Construction technology has advanced in the face of demands for greener and better products. Cool roof technology can make a huge difference to the operating costs of a building.
by Scott Kriner

 Out of the woods
Plastic lumber products can be an environmentally responsible purchasing choice as well as good to look at and fully functional.
by Robert Waters

 Greener lighting
The choices available are not yet perfect, but good lighting options are available now while others are being researched and improved.
by Summit staff

 Food to print
Soy based toner is now available in Canada and it offers many benefits in addition to being made from a renewable resource.
by Summit staff

 Federal energy contract reduces costs and greens supply
Alberta government departments and PWGSC as well as other federal departments sign on to consolidate energy requirements and purchase green energy.
by Summit staff

face to face

 Meet Layle Larusson
Layle is one of the first graduates of the BC government’s procurement training program and a marine manager at the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

March 2009
Volume 12, Issue 2


 Table of Contents

 The procurement manager’s dilemma …and what to do about it
Tips from the trenches to help you deal wi th the increasing complexity of public procurement
by David T. Swift

 Developing a winning procurement card program
According to the author, purchasing or procurement cards are an innovative solution to the challenges of doing more with less and being accountable. Check out how to choose the right banking partner and card solution that may help you and your organization.
by Wendy Hall

municipal matters

 Purchasing professional services – Part 2: beauty parades
Exercising care mixed with some scepticism when interviewing prospective consulting firms is a good rule of thumb, because of course these professional firms will show themselves in the best possible light whether entirely accurate or not. Here’s how to look a little deeper.
by Steve Bauld and Kevin McGuinness


 Battling for transparency legal notes
Access to Information legislation is having an effect on suppliers and the bid process
by Priscilla Platt and Paul Lalonde

 Plain drafting is tricky business checkpoint 1
Using plain language in drafting contract documents is not as easy as it sounds. by Paul Emanuelli

January–February 2009
Volume 12, Issue 1


Letter from the editor

 IT for performance driven government
IT tools such as 3-1-1, support political and operational goals in providing public services to citizens who are increasingly demanding of results.
by David Gourlay

 IT security: 2010 Winter Games takes “what’s best” approach
With the gargantuan task of providing the network for the Winter Games comes the pressure to protect the system. Failure is not an option, thus taking the offensive position of focussing resources on what needs to be protected could be the best defence.
by Brian Phillips

 IT underpins healthcare
IT systems at the Ottawa Hospital have come a long way in the 10 years since amalgamation and the potential for the future is far reaching based on meeting the needs clinical staff as well as operations and administration.
by Anne Phillips

 MEET Kathleen Hayden. Like many of you, her path to being a procurement specialist at BCLC based in Kamloops, British Columbia, was less than direct.

 Going global
The expansion of more open public sector procurement in Canada reflects changes occurring elsewhere in the world. Canadian expertise is in high demand as other nations strive to conduct their procurement in a manner less open to influence.
by Paul Emanuelli

Municipal matters

 Purchasing professional services – Part 1: a necessary evil
Municipal governments at some point generally all need to go outside for special expertise. Determining when to do that, what to do and who to do it with and how much can pose a challenge for you and the municipal council
by Steve Bauld and Kevin McGuinness


In our opinion

 No laughing matter
Limiting legal review of RFPs might be something to consider
by Howard Grant

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