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Summit magazine contents
2008 - Volume 11

Canada's magazine on public sector purchasing

January-February 2008 Issue 1
March-April 2008 Issue 2
May-June 2008 Issue 3
September 2008 Issue 4
October-November 2008 Issue 5

October-November 2008
Volume 11, Issue 5


Face to face
with Stephen Bauld, author, trainer, public and private sector procurement professional, VP of the Ontario General Contractors Association… and passionate about procurement

Clauses we love to negotiate
Despite efforts to standardize contract terms, some are still targeted for negotiation
by Doug Sanders and Chris Eagles

Be prepared
Emergency response demands new technology; a college network and industry meet your requirements
by Dr. Katharine Janzen

Special feature: Leadership in Public Procurement
Leadership in Public Procurement and Leadership in Green Procurement awards winners and finalists come from all levels of the public sector

Managing the whiz bang IT wagon
Municipal matters
IT tools are great; you need to manage the demand and the procurement
by Steve Bauld and Kevin McGuinness

Creating capacity
IT support for talent management helps with the human resource crunch
by Mark Dixon


In our opinion
Tips to train newly elected politicians in procurement
by Michael Asner and Sharon Sheppard

legal notes
It’s not over ‘til it’s over with the TPG case exploring all supplier legal alternatives
by Ben Mills

WEBSITE specials

Choices, choices – the full meal deal
The complete compendium of available training for procurement professionals in Canada

Leading to green procurement
Alberta’s Ecology Office proves where there is a will there is a way
by Linda Penrose and Anoushka Fernandes

A leader, a juggler
Employing leadership skills and technology to manage your team remotely
by Julie Gemin, C.P.P.

Lay of the land
GIS technology assists communities with sustainability and lower costs
by Robert Portelance

Paradigm shift
Having broadened its business base, MERX serves both buyers and suppliers better
by Jon Hansen

September 2008
Volume 11, Issue 4


Face to face
with Larry Berglund, University of British Columbia procurement director and green procurement advocate

e-bonding: you complete me
Municipal matters

E-bonding: the final piece to the e-procurement process
Intro by Steve Bauld and Kevin McGuinness
Guest columnist: Joann Brnjas

Interviewing the federal Procurement Ombudsman
The chatroom
Shahid Minto describes his mandate
hosted by Dave Newman

Choose the right professional for the right job
Knowing the difference between one professional classification and another can help you contract the right person for the job
by Chris Jones

Focus on IT
Procurement and IT: a blooming relationship
Comments and cases on procurement’s positive impact on IT
by Anne Phillips

Who you gonna call… SISA Alliance
Multiple vendor partnership helps make information useable and meet legal compliance issues
by Sam Chun

Where’s that mail?
Legal discovery impels intelligent email archiving
by Michael Murphy

Preservation by digitization
Custodians of information and history use digitization to preserve yesterday, today and tomorrow
by Mike Sharun


Design Services case
legal notes
Supreme Court decision to say no to suppliers is cause to celebrate
by Anne McNeely

Does familiarity erode deference?
CITTing in
The Federal Court and the CITT do not always agree
by David Attwater

May-June 2008
Volume 11, Issue 3


 Face to face with
Leslie Stewart, first to be certified under the new federal procurement training program

  Sustainability through procurement
The EU’s Procura+ Campaigne highlights guidelines/policy performance
by Mark Hidson

 The tipping point to career success
Professional organizations support personal performance
by Brent Maas [w11_3_03.pdf linked here

 Totally “on” game
The Ottawa Senators NHL organization performs as well off-ice as on-ice
by Ron Higgins

Too much lawyering
 Municipal matters
Lawyers exercising too much control can cause contract prices to rise
by Steve Bauld and Kevin McGuinness

 e-procurement; e-performance
It is all systems go when process, technology and legal framework perform together
by George Takach

 Pulse – conference reports
Public-private partnerships (The Canadian Institute), Ontario General Contractors Association annual symposium, Purchasing Management Association of Canada annual meeting, Ken Cochrane, CIO Canada at the OCRI Government Opportunities session, GeoTech (geographic information systems conference)
by Summit staff


 paradigm shift
“Greener” procurement – real or not?
by Jon Hansen

 Legal notes
The tender trap – a tender may or may not get you what you want, an RFP might
by Denis Chamberland

 In our opinion
Buck the trend; apply trust to procurement and see what happens
by Howard Grant


March-April 2008
Volume 11, Issue 2


 Face to face with
Kathleen Muretti, City of Airdrie procurement officer and Canadian Public Procurement Council president

Mean what you say; say what you mean
Municipal matters

 Draft your RFPs and tenders to get the best price
by Steve Bauld and Kevin McGuinness

 Life cycle view
Are your buildings costing more than they should?
by Michel Theriault

 Federal IT shared services
Ready to do business with contractors
by Summit staff

3rd annual “green” procurement special 

 Furniture goes “green”
Government programs and demand move Steelcase to green production
by Mary Ellen Mika

 Buying district energy
The case for life cycle analysis
by Richard Damecour

 Pick your policy; take aim; go “green”
NAGPI revamps green purchasing assessment tool
by José Carlos Fernandez Ugalde

 “Green” your IT…
Trim your data centre power consumption
by Norman Lecouvie

 Blueprint for “green” buildings
Focusing on eco-efficiency
by Vicky J. Sharpe


 Legal notes
Preventative law is good medicine for public purchasers
by Paul Emanuelli

 Letters to the editor
Larry Berglund, CPP, talks green procurement
Virginia McEwen, proud Summit award winner

CITTing in

 The CITT broadens access to the AIT
by David Attwater

 In our opinion
Let procurement add value
by Howard Grant and Ben Sorensen

Website only specials

 How to hire PR services
 BC Hydro hires and fires “fairness” commissioner

More stories on the Web @


January-February 2008
Volume 11, Issue 1



 eHealth: technology tools
Patient-centric care drives technology purchases
by Gary Folker

 Getting “best value” from eprocurement
Analytics software digs out business intelligence
by Richard Bray

 All aboard
New fleet software systems and procurement propel Ottawa’s OCTranspo “smart” buses
by Anne Phillips

 Yours, mine, ours
Municipal Matters: allocating risks in construction contracting
by Steve Bauld and Kevin McGuinness

 New Body of Knowledge for CPPO/CPPB
The UPPCC has revamped its testing specifications
by Ann Peshoff

An interview with Dan Wright reveals new purchasing organization
by David Newman

 Partnering to renew infrastructure
Pick and adapt a P3 to meet your construction procurement needs
by William Eggers [w11_1_07.pdf linked here


Legal notes

 Tercon sends tendering law into tailspin
by Paul Emanuelli

In our opinion

 Extracting value from the “fairness” role
by Howard Grant and Louise Panneton

Website specials @

 2008 UPPCC Body of Knowledge (CPPO & CPPB)
Test specs for CPPO & CPPB

 Looking through a dirty window
Michael Asner says vendors can determine if tender is fair

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