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Summit magazine contents
2007 - Volume 10

Canada's magazine on public sector purchasing

October 2007 Issue 6
September 2007 Issue 5
June 2007 Issue 4
April- May 2007 Issue 3
March 2007 Issue 2
January-February 2007 Issue 1

November-December 2007
Volume 10, Issue 7


 Exercising leadership
Recognizing, developing and exercising leadership are key for procurement professionals
by Steve Bauld and Kevin McGuinness

 Vision + leadership =
A P3 to build Port of Prince Rupert
by Anne Phillips

 SPOT me now  
Satellite messaging offers safety for workers in the field and peace of mind to employer organizations
by Fintan Robb

 Leadership in Public Procurement Awards
Summit, in collaboration with the Canadian Public Procurement Council, presents the winners and finalists of the Leadership in Public Procurement and Leadership in Green Procurement awards.

 Off to school
The Canadian Public Procurement Council and GTEC conferences: new information and networking opportunities
by Summit staff

legal notes

 Can a bidder use all legal means available to resolve a dispute?
by Robert Worthington

paradigm shift

 Yes, Virginia! Getting an e-procurement system right
by Jon Hansen

In our opinion

 Guarding against hidden conflicts of interest
By Steve Bauld and Kevin McGuinness w10_7_08.pdf linked here

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October 2007
Volume 10, Issue 6


 FOCUS on IT - Putting out fires
Kelowna uses IT tools to its disaster management process
by Richard Bray

 FOCUS on IT - Second life
Virtual world simulation gives government a chance to test run
by Richard Bray

 FOCUS on IT - ITIL – a standard for all purchases  
Building IT standards into RFPs
by Bill Irvine and Jack Probst

News summaries
compiled by Summit Staff

 TILMA and procurement
Chatroom hosts a discussion on the new trade agreement between BC and Alberta
by David Newman

 LEEDing into the future
Understanding LEEDs construction standards for procurement professionals
by Steve Bauld and Kevin McGuinness

 New people; more expertise
Procurement Professionals Survey Results (part 2)
by Tom Foard

Buyers beware: Competition Bureau cases net fines and criminal charges
Reprint with permission. Legal Edge, April-May 2007

 Mastering the supply chain
PMAC launches new training
by The Purchasing Management Association of Canada


 Legal notes
Standardized procurement: will it lead to better things?
by Glenn Ackerley

 Paradigm shift
Buyers pay higher prices; suppliers get less profit
by Jon Hansen

 In our opinion
Tender or RFP? Which is it?
by Steve Bauld and Kevin McGuinness

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September 2007
Volume 10, Issue 5


3 Ps for P3s
This back to basics look at public private partnerships suggests applying 3 principles for success
by A. Scott Carson, PhD 

‘Smart’ driver ID
Ontario’s new drivers licence – a secure smart solution
by Willis Morettin 

Brewing the perfect stom
Part 1 of our “Public Procurement Professionals: Today and Tomorrow” survey results analysis
by Sean Fitzpatrick 

Use the right tool; find the right stuff
Trying to contract for professional services? Trying to ensure you get what you need? These are the tools and how they are used
by Chris F. Jones 

Lighting the way
Kitchener’s lead in energy efficient lighting contracts benefits others
by Laura Fuller 


Legal notes

Federal Court reins in the CITT
by Robert Worthingon 

In our opinion

Competitive contracting: comparing the public vs. private approach
by Steve Bauld and Kevin McGuinness

June 2007
Volume 10, Issue 4


 Under the umbrella
Departments come together to share admin services
by Richard Bray

 Whistle blowers enforce procurement ethics
Two cases from the US illustrate what can happen when you speak up
by Kristin M. Atwater

Public Procurement Professionals: Today and Tomorrow
Discover your community and its future. Complete the survey.
presented by Talentmap and Summit magazine

 Marshall Moffat on working with small business
by David Newman


CITTing in

 Let evaluators evaluate
by David Attwater

Legal notes

 Edmonton tendering case splits Supreme Court
by Paul M. Lalonde
(Note: See also April/May's "In our opinion")

 Letter to the editor
PMAC comments on the future of public procurement professionals

In our opinion

 Sole sourcing: an exception to competition
by Steve Bauld and Kevin McGuinness

April-May 2007
Volume 10, Issue 3



 Two networks - one solution
VoIP seamlessly supports varying user requirements
by Richard Bray

 Follow that bullet
IBIS supports Canada-US agreement
by Richard Bray

 2007 ...and still counting
The census: new, improved, cost efficient
by David Eadie

 Barcoding our forests
Tech tool builds an accurate forest inventory
by Anne Phillips

 Unlikely pairs
CETS: a tech tool helps police fight child exploitation
by Gavin Thompson


 How green should our valley be?
Implementing "green" procurement policies may mean making tough choices
by Steve Bauld and Kevin McGuinness

 Powerful pellets
Wood waste, properly used, can be a sustainable eco-friendly fuel for the future
by John Swaan

 MARCOM 2007 goes green
Even a conference can be 'greened!" See what the planners of this marketing conference did
by Claire Mills

 Clean ...and green
Biological and chemical cleaning: two sustainable solutions
by Paul Goldin

 Testing, testing
"Greening" products and services is on the radar, right down to the production process
by Kendra Hanson

 Being green - it's easy after all
The Eco-Eval tool helps you test your green procurement efforts
by Jeremy Brown


 Letter to the editor
Comment on the unmanned vehicles story in the January/February issue

 In our opinion
The Double N and the City of Edmonton case suggests a retreat in the law of tender
by Steve Bauld and Kevin McGuinness

Greening websites:

Forest Stewardship Council of Canada:
Terra Choice (EcoLogo):
Environmental Choice Program:
Eco Buyer:

Mar 2007
Volume 10, Issue 2


Seven steps to measure supplier performance
A practical approach to improving your supplier assessment process
by Sherry Gordon

Procurement professionals today and tomorrow
Surveying the changing nature of the workplace and workforce
by Anne Phillips

A wind turbine is tested in Winnipeg; Hamilton purchases “green” buses; Saskatoon partnership launches Energy and Greenhouse Gas Guide; Kelowna signs design/build contract for aquatic centre; and Saskatchewan updates its central website

The devil does not wear P3s
As a procurement tool, public-private partnerships gain ground in Canada

Make me happy
The common measurements tool can measure your client satisfaction, keeping procurement performance at the top of its
by Vicki Morrison


legal notes
Are you liable to members of the bidder's team, not just the bidder?
by Glenn Ackerley

CITTing in
The CITT uses a standard of review of its own making
by David Attwater

Host David Newman interviews Walt Lastewka, former MP and parliamentary secretary for procurement reform

in our opinion
Virtual or gaming technology can help reduce unforeseen costs
by Steve Bauld and Kevin McGuinness

Jan/Feb 2007
Volume 10, Issue 1


 The third wave: unified communications
A new communication standard will change the way governments work, and offer savings and efficiencies not available before
by David Levy

Special feature on the Web only
 Case study: Pembina Schools experiences the “third wave”
by David Levy

 Unmanned vehicles: going anywhere man needs to go
Recent innovations, such as a UVS that can travel water pipes to determine their state of repair, could soon put unmanned vehicles on a purchase order
by Richard Bray

 Chasing the grail
Technology solutions are available, but the search is still on to find IT systems that provide all the needed decision support for complex procurements
by Adam Timothy, Tomonori Ishikawa, Shuli Peng, Nomit Kahlidar

 FedWatch: Zigzagging towards savings
In a pressure cooker boiling with supplier unrest and internal stresses, Public Works and Government Services Canada, vents some steam by changing its savings target

End-users define BC’s Sustainability Purchasing Network
by Summit staff


 paradigm shift
Vendor/consultant fees: are you getting value for money?
by Jon Hansen

 CITTing in
The Canadian International Trade Tribunal’s (CITT) approach to conflicts of interest appears flexible
by David Attwater

 in our opinion
Detecting and preventing employee fraud
by Steve Bauld and Kevin McGuinness

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