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November 1998 - Launch Edition
Volume 1 Issue 1


Best sellers

At first glance, the question seems clear and concise: who sells the most to the federal government? But, Summit discovered, it depends on how you cut it.

Ranking top suppliers to government

Find out who is in the Top 100, the Million Dollar Club, among the major informatics and temporary help services suppliers, which corporate groups have more than $50 million in sales and how much procurement is done by federal department.

Hassle-free business

It's the largest single market in Canada and the second largest in North America.

Winning strategies

Find out how to take part in the 6 million purchases, worth nearly $15 billion, made by the government of Canada every year.

MERX works

MERX hit the ground running.

Ready Set Go!

Three voices speak out on the Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business.

The Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business

Rising to the challenge

Out of the gate

Greening your brand

Greening a brand! In a world where margins count so much, why bother?

South of the border

Few businesses have escaped the consequences of increased competition. But what impact has freer trade had on the public sector?

Threat or Opportunity

ASD is bureaucratic and impenetrable - or is it?


Just a peak

A sneak preview of the next issue of Summit.

The question

Summit wants to know what you think, so we're asking you.


Bits of news and interesting info.

Summit connects

Looking for online procurement expertise? Start with some of our favourite sites.

Policy arena

A guest column on procurement policy issues. This issue features Benefits Driven Procurement - a new and innovative approach to buying for high-risk projects.


A focus on people in procurement and what works for them. Today, bad times mean good times for Med-Eng Systems Inc., the world's leading manufacturer of bomb disposal suits and helmets.


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