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Public-Private Partnerships (P3)

407 ETR (Express Toll Route)
This website provides the history of the 407 ETR, a highway infrastructure project sold by the Ontario government to the private sector. The site details how it works, displays a map of the route and features the "Toll Calculator." Visitors may also register for a prepaid transponder. 

Alternative Models of Public-Private Partnerships
This site provides detailed information on alternative models of public-private partnerships. Sections include: a summary and an introduction, "What are Public-Private Partnerships?", "Alternative Models", "PPPs in Europe", "PPPs and Public Finances", bibliography and examples of Public-Private Partnerships. 

Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships
Established in 1993, the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships is a non-partisan and a non-profit organization. The website provides information on memberships, publications, conferences and the 1999 National Awards winners as well as the 2000 National Awards package. 

Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)
The CUPE website provides information on their Public Works! Campaign, explores health and safety, equality, health care and environmental issues facing public employees as well as news, publications, conventions, events and updates on strikes and lockouts. 

Community Storefronts
This website is a secure electronic location for shopping and fundraising, launched by Industry Canada, Royal Bank and other industry partners. 

Dalhousie Medical School - Telemedicine
The Nova Scotia TeleHealth Network is a partnership between the Nova Scotia Department of Health, Dalhousie Medical School, TecKnowledge Healthcare Systems Inc. and MTT. This site also features other innovative programs at Dalhousie, including environmental health, bioethics, health law and medical humanities. 

Electronic Post Office (EPO)
This website is an example of a public-private business venture. Canada Post Corporation and Toronto-based Cebra Inc. created EPO, a new web-based service which enables individuals and businesses to take advantage of a full range of paperless mail services via the internet. 

Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP)
The GKP website provides overviews, session minutes, exhibitor and sponsor information as well as RealAudio webcasts of the Global Knowledge 97 and GK II conferences held in Toronto, Canada and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia respectively. 

Global Telehealth
Global Teleheath is working in conjunction with the Victorian Healthcare Association to create TeleHealth Victoria, a public health initiative in the Australian State of Victoria. 

Grupo Ferrovial SA
Spanish company Ferrovial is one of the partners in the 407 ETR (Express Toll Route) project in Southern Ontario. Other major projects currently underway include the Guggenheim Museum and the Senate Building in Madrid. 

Institute for Public-Private Partnerships (IP3)
IP3 provides governments, bi- and multilateral assistance agencies, non-governmental organizations and private businesses with the training and technical assistance needed to foster successful partnerships. The IP3 website provides details on training activities, workshop series and technical assistance activities. 


National Council for Public-Private Partnerships
A US-based non-profit and non-partisan organization, the National Council for Public-Private Partnerships website provides information on conferences, seminars, workshops, industry meetings, publications, and member contact information. 

Nova Learning
Nova Learning develops new school facilities, and has built schools under public-private partnership (P3) arrangements with the Nova Scotia government. The site offers information about the company, a profile of the schools they have built and links to P3 resources. 

P3 Consulting
This website provides a model for public/private partnering that outlines the stages, roles, processes and contracts needed as well as the pitfalls. P3 Consulting provides support, training and coaching for the negotiation and drafting of collaborative contracts. 

Partnering and Procurement Inc.
Partnering and Procurement Inc. is a Canadian company with offices in Ottawa, Toronto and Halifax. They have been involved in procurement initiatives involving Alternative Service Delivery, Electronic Service Delivery and Public-Private Partnering. 

Private Capital for Public Works
"Private Capital for Public Works: Designing the Next-Generation Franchise for Public-Private Partnerships in Transportation Infrastructure" is John Christopher Kopp's Master's Thesis submitted to the Department of Civil Engineering at Northwestern University on May 1, 1997. 

Public-Private Partnership 2000 (PPP 2000)
PPP 2000 was a series of forums on public policy issues concerning natural disaster reduction that began in September 1997 to October 1999 and were held in Washington, DC. This website provides forum summaries, quick notes and lists of forum speakers. 

SociÈtÈ GÈnÈrale (Canada) 


TecKnowledge is a Halifax-based company currently partnering with the Province of Nova Scotia, Dalhousie Medical School and MTT in providing telehealth services in the province. Their website includes telehealth news stories, information on the industry and links to other websites. 

Teranet Land Information Services
Formed in 1991 as a public-private partnership, Teranet provides land and legal electronic information services. The website details Teranet's services, and features a newsroom and calendar of events. 

Transport Canada: Public-Private Partnerships
Transport Canada's website provides three downloadable reports concerning Public-Private Partnerships in relation to Canadian highways: PPP's and their Role in a Possible National Highway Program, Context of PPP's for Highways in Canada and PPP's for Highways: Experience, Structure, Financing, Applicability and Comparative Assessment. 


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