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Logistics and Supply Management

About.com Network
About.com Network consists of over 700 guided sites organized into 36 channels with more than 50,000 subjects. The Industry channel covers 25 subjects including purchasing, small business information and logistics/supply chain, which feature articles and resource tools.


American Society of Transportation & Logistics Inc. (AST&L)
AST&L is a professional organization that publishes a quarterly transportation journal and offers certification programs through self-study courses or in-house training programs.


Australian Institute of Purchasing & Materials Management Ltd.
This website provides access and information on the Australian Purchasing and Supply journal as well as an online book store that features audio tapes, book reviews and conference papers.


Canadian Association of Supply Chain and Logistics Management
SCL seeks to advance the logistics and supply chain profession in Canada through communication and networking, education and training, knowledge and leadership. With 30+ years standing, the association boasts a cross-country membership served by 9 regional chapters and a national office.


Canadian Industrial Transportation Association (CITA)
CITA represents Canadian shippers and provides members with information and consultation on all modes of transportation - rail, road, air and marine. This site provides information on CITA's continuing education workshops and seminars, publications and events.


Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation
The Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation (CITT) provides professional development and certification in transportation and distribution management through distance education programs. The CITT website provides program information, online forums, corporate services, event information, related links and the CITT newsletter.


The Canadian Professional Logistics Institute
This website provides information on the institute's training programs and provides access to the Canadian Logistics Journal.


Center for Logistics Research
Pennsylvania State's Center for Logistics Research is organized within the Division of Research of The Mary Jean and Frank P. Smeal College of Business Administration founded in 1989. The website details events, education programs, publications and research concerning logistics.


Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS)
CIPS is an international organization, based in the UK, that serves purchasing and supply professionals. The CIPS website provides information on certification programs, specialist seminars and conferences as well as an online bookshop that boasts over 350 purchasing and supply related titles.


City of Calgary Fleet & Supply Management
The site provides information on the policies and practices of the administration, purchasing, materials management and fleet services departments at the City of Calgary.


Council of Logistics Management (CLM)
The CLM website provides logistics resources, publications, roundtables and forums, as well as information on education and career development, conferences and memberships.


Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)>br>DLA is a combat support agency with the primary purpose to provide supplies and services to America's military forces worldwide. DLA's website provides information on publications, fact sheets and the top 100 DLA contractors.

Industrial Distribution Magazine
An American publication, Industrial Distribution Magazine reaches those involved in logistics and supply chain management. This website provides the current issue of Industrial Distribution Magazine, a newsletter, events information, an archives search, current industry news, technology updates and online exclusives.


Institute for Purchasing & Supply Development
This website provides links to research projects, international conferences and courses, software and a "Purchasing Professional's Toolkit" that includes tools and resources for purchasing and supply professionals.


Institute of Logistics & Transport (ILT)
This website offers information on training, education and professional development, publications including Logistics and Transport Focus as well as a policy section.


Institute of Operations Management
A UK based institute, the Institute of Operations Management is involved in operations and production management in manufacturing and service industries. This website provides the contents of Control magazine and information on education, membership, events, discussion groups and careers.


International Federation of Purchasing and Materials Management (IFPMM)
IFPMM is a non-political, non-profit international organization based on the union of more than forty national purchasing associations from around the world. The website offers information on professional development, global education and training, certification programs, round tables, world congresses and regional conferences.


International Warehouse Logistics Association
The International Warehouse Logistics Association, formed after a merger of the American Warehouse Association and the Canadian Association of Warehousing and Distribution Services in 1997, serves warehouse logistics professionals around the world. The website provides "Industry Facts," educational tools and programs, ISO programs, publications and regulatory updates.


International Society of Logistics (SOLE)
SOLE is a non-profit international professional society with 90 chapters in more than 50 countries. The SOLE website provides information on international events, certified Professional Logistician Program, the Logistics Education Foundation, and the SOLEtech Newsletter.


Logistics Association of Australia
The Logisitics Association of Australia website provides information on international logisitics events as well as current reports and related logistics website links. Their new url is www.laa.asn.au


Logistics Management & Distribution Report Online
Logistics Management & Distribution Report is a monthly American-based magazine for supply-chain professionals. The Logistics website provides current issues and archived issues, industry news, information on products, technologies, government regulations and international logistics as well as access to specialized catalogues such as the Buyers Guide and the American Public Warehouse Register.


Logistics Management Institute
Located in Virginia, the Logistics Management Institute (LMI) is a non-profit, private corporation that provides federal state and local officials with management advice and support.


The LogisticsWorld website is an online directory of logistics resources related to transportation, warehousing, distribution, supply, manufacturing, management and more. The site provides research tools, a virtual library and glossary, logistics news and events.


National Association of Purchasing Management (NAPM)
NAPM is a not-for-profit association that provides international support, research and education in purchasing and supply management. This site provides information on professional development, legal aid, as well as a career centre and literary resources including Purchasing Today and The Journal of Supply Chain Management.


National Institute for Transport & Logistics
The National Institute for Transport & Logistics website provides information on training and educational programs, research (reports and case studies), news and featured articles. Topics include: Logistics Pipedreams and E-Fulfillment.


Purchasing - The Magazine of Total Supply Chain Management
Purchasing is a US-based magazine for purchasing professionals and has an international readership in print and online. This site provides the current issue, the Supply Chain 2000 Yearbook as well as features such as: buying news, supply strategies, events, bookstore, software mart and a reference desk (links, newsletter, discussion groups).


Supply-Chain Council
This website is divided between public and members only sections. The public information includes the Supply-Chain Operations Reference-model (SCOR) Overview Materials, IT vendors, consultants, researchers and calendar of events.


Supply Chain Management: an International Journal
Supply Chain Management: an International Journal covers all aspects of the supply chain and is relevant to all industry sectors. Topics covered include: contractual relationships, electronic data interchange, vertical integration, quality assurance and more. Sites guests can receive a free trial of the version.


Supply Chain Management Review
Supply Chain is a US-based magazine that covers topics related to supply chain management and logistics. This site features popular articles and subscription information and registration.


The Logistics Institute (TLI)
TLI, based at Georgia Tech, provides research and education programs focused on logistics. The website supplies visitors with the information on upcoming courses, news and events, TLI research, book reviews, employment posting/seekers and a glossary of terms related to logistics.


Warehousing Education & Research Council
This website gives information on conferences, educational seminars, newsletters and articles as well as listings of industry books and publications, periodicals, links and events.


Warehousing Management
An American publication, Warehousing Management deals with issues facing supply chain management and logistics. This site provides the current issue, daily news, events, editorial calendar and a free subscription information.



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