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Green Purchasing

Ballard Products 
Ballard develops, manufactures and markets zero-emission fuel cells for use in transportation, electricity generation and portable power products.  

This site provides a wide range of information about the utility, including copies of environmental reports for the province and descriptions of the environmental initiatives underway for both businesses and the community in British Columbia. 

British Columbia Water and Waste Association 
The BCWWA is a non-profit association dedicated to the safeguarding of public health and the environment through the sharing of skills, knowledge and experience in the water and wastewater industries. Their site provides information on industry developments as well as on programs and services for its membership.

Buy Green 
Provides information on "green" products and services, and tips on setting up a green procurement program. 

Buy Green 
Recycling, energy efficiency, water conservation and pollution prevention are all objectives of environmentally responsible procurement. This site provides information on "green" products and services and tips on how you can set up a green procurement program.

Canadian Business for Social Responsibility
Guidelines to greening small businesses. 

Canadian District Energy Association 
A district energy system uses a central energy plant to meet the heating, cooling and other energy needs of buildings within a specific urban cluster. By replacing individual building units of one kind or another, it provides environmentally friendly energy at substantial savings. This site offers information about district energy usage in Canada and guides on how to purchase energy in this way. 

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency 
Summary of environmental assessments federal departments and agencies have undertaken. 

Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources 
The Centre was created to establish and implement environmental capacity-building initiatives for First Nations. CIER is committed to the development of the education, research and technical resources for communities to acquire a greater ability to met and deal with the environmental issues and initiatives faced in the world today. The site provides a window on the activities of CIER, including a library and links to other green purchasing resources. 

Centre for a New American Dream
The Center for a New American Dreamís Institutional Purchasing Program helps institutions incorporate environmental and human health considerations into their purchasing decisions. The Institutional Purchasing Program promotes environmentally preferable purchasing through its outreach, trainings and presentations, conference calls, web site, and media and communications efforts.

Climate Change Website (Government of Canada) 
Provides information on what governments are doing nationally and internationally about climate change. 

Commissioner of the Environment & Sustainable Development
This site offers information about the Commissioner's role, as well as news and events, publications, "green" reports and an environmental database. 

Creative Energy Technologies 
Offers a catalogue of energy efficient products specializing in solar and wind power. 

An Environment Canada newsletter that shares information on policy and technical issues related to product environmental life-cycle management. 

Ecosustainable Hub 
This site, developed and maintained by Ecosustainable Developments of Australia, provides a one-stop connection to resources and tools for business use and education for the global community at large. 

Electronic Products Stewardship Canada (EPSC 
This group represents 18 of Canada's largest manufacturers of IT and electronics equipment, and are active in promoting green procurement practices. 

Environment Canada: Green Procurement 
Addresses issues concerning office furniture disposal or refurbishing. 

Environment Canada's Green Lane
This site features environmental news, Environment Canada's publications, online newsletters, events, regional sites, products and services, weather and environmental predictions as well as more information on pollution and climate change.  OR

Environmental Building News 
A newsletter on environmentally responsible design and construction. 

Environmental Choice Program and EcoLogo
Encourages the supply of products and services that are more environmentally responsible and offers help for consumers and organizations buying "green." EcoLogo products and services are third-party verified and certified environmentally responsible. 

Environmental Choice Program
The Environmental Choice Program encourages the supply of environmentally responsible products and services, to help consumers and organizations buy "green." Their ecolabelling progam certifies products and services as environmentally preferable through ECP certification criteria. The website lists the criteria as well as the products that have been certified. 

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
US Environmental Protection Agency website offers information on how to include environmental considerations in purchasing decisions. 

Extended Producer Responsibility and Stewardship
Website contains a glossary of terms pertaining to green procurement policies and processes. 

Toronto's Governments Incorporating Procurement Policies to Eliminate Refuse (GIPPER) guide to green procurement 

Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN)
A non-profit association of ecolabelling organizations from around the world that set criteria for and certify products and services with lower environmental burdens and impacts than comparable products with the same function. 

Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN)
GEN is an international non-profit association of ecolabelling organizations. The website provides information on ecolabelling, GEN activities and members, as well as a links section. 

Green Building Information Council
Offers information on the energy and environmental performance of buildings. 

Green Earth Office Supply 
Offers green office and school supplies.

Green Hotels Association 
This site is committed to encouraging, promoting and supporting ecological consciousness in the hospitality industry. There is a catalogue of environmental products for the hotel community available on-line.

Green Hotels 
A program instituted by participating hotels to save water and energy and reduce solid waste. 

Green Office Products 
List of Environmental Choice certified products and details on how to create a certified green office. 

Green Ontario 
A clearinghouse of information on environmental issues and activities including funding sources, policy statements, community action and green procurement, as well as links to publications and groups not in the Green Ontario fact sheets. 

Green Procurement Toolkit 
The Manitoba government has mounted a site for Business and Sustainable Development, with green procurement toolkit for public purchasers. The toolkit provides the public official with rational and tips on how to implement a green procurement program. 

Green Purchasing
Database designed for procurement professionals, purchasers and individuals seeking to lessen environmental impacts of purchasing decisions. 

Green Venture Online
Hamilton-Wentworth's Green Venture is a not-for-profit, community-based organization committed to energy, water and waste reduction, education, green space conservation and the greening of small businesses. 

Green purchasing website features numerous eco-friendly products. 

Lists recommendations for public authorities to phase out products and practices that harm the environment. 

International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives 
The ICLEI is an international environmental agency for local government. This site provides a step by step approach to eco-procurement and rationales for why green purchasing is critical at the local government level. 

International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) 
Business and sustainable development site offers business information on increasing market share and shareholder value and building competitive advantage. 

Manitoba Green Procurement Project Inc. 
Project provides funds for three pilot projects to develop tools for green procurement, including checklists, sample specifications, training packages, sample tender clauses and policies, and advice and consulting services. 

National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy 
NRTEE is an independent advisory body that provides decision makers, opinion leaders and the Canadian public with advise and recommendations for promoting sustainable development. The web site provides an overview of NRTEE activities, its publications and programs plus other related links and resource material for sustainable development activities. 

Natural Resources Canada: Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE)
The OEE is dedicated to keeping Canadians up to date on ways to save energy at home, at work and on the road. This website offers information on publications, programs, workshops and events as well as newsletters and links. 

Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) (Natural Resources Canada)
The OEE's programs for the residential, commercial, industrial and transportation sectors offer proven ways to save energy and money. 

Ontario Clean Water Agency 
OCWA is a provincial crown corporation in business to provide environmentally responsible and cost-efficient water and wastewater services. It currently operates in more than 400 facilities for 200 municipalities in Ontario, making it the largest operator of water and wastewater services in North America. The site provides details on the environmental management system, operations and maintenance, and water and wastewater treatment processes. 

Ontario Environment Business Directory 
A searchable online directory of Ontario suppliers of environmentally friendly goods and services. 

Principles and Guidelines for Environmental Labelling and Advertising 
Industry Canada developed this set of guiding principles to be used as a common reference by industry. 

Procara (formerly )
This site provides businesses and procurement professionals with on-line access to  a database of "green" products, services and companies, created to help advance environmentally responsible purchasing. This site is a service for the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources. It also offers information about green purchasing and related news. 

Public Works and Government Services Canada
This website contains information on sustainable development goals and federal government committees on green issues.

Shop PowerSmart 
A program of BC Hydro that certifies products and services such as green hotels as being energy efficient. 

Terrachoice Environmental Services Inc.
Terrachoice delivers Environment Canada's Environmental Choice Program. The website provides information on the company's other areas of program delivery, including technical expertise, environmental marketing and communications and international experience. 

TerraChoice Environmental Services
Offers a range of environmental evaluation and market recognition programs, like the Environmental Choice Program, and services designed to help turn environmental investment into market advantage. 

The Environmental Magazine 

The Globe Foundation of Canada 
Convention (in Vancouver in 2002) for government and business to interact on environmental issues. 

The Green Procurement Network 

The Green Procurement Network
Internal federal government site. 
Contains a directory of links to Canadian environment-related websites, classified by subject. 

Toronto Hydro
From products and services to green energy and deregulation, visit Toronto Hydro Corporation, Toronto Hydro-Electric System Ltd. and Toronto Hydro Energy Services located at this Toronto Hydro portal to find out more. 

Vision Quest Windelectric Inc
Vision Quest Windelectric is a Canadian company that provides Green Energy products derived from renewable resources (primarily windelectric sources). This site provides information on products and services as well as resources and links. 

Warren's Imaging and Dryography
Utilizes six-colour waterless presses to output its printed products.  

Wind Power Inc. (WPI)
WPI is a Canadian owned and operated company formed in 1983 to develop wind power plants and supply wind energy to the electric utility grid system. This website provides users with information on Alberta's deregulation, Green Power, emission off-set credits, and WPI projects. 

Working Your Way To A Green Office 
Website offers a guide to creating an environmentally friendly office, including information on using your buying power. 

World Bank 
Website addresses procurement including policies and opportunities  

Company offers office supplies and information on public sector solutions. 

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