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BC Hydro
This site features information on BC Hydro news and projects, environmental and community activities as well as customer support services.


Canadian Energy Research Institute (CERI)
CERI is an independent, non-profit research institute that analyzes energy economics and policy issues. This site features an event calendar, current and proposed research, conferences and seminars, CERI publications and training courses.


The Canadian Sustainable Energy Web Site
The information on this site is provided by the Independent Power Producers' Society of Ontario (IIPSO) and The Solar Energy Society of Canada, Inc. (SESCI). This site provides information on conferences, current news and events, as well as publications.


Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA)
CanWEA represents the wind energy community, comprised of organizations and individuals who are directly involved in the development and application of wind energy technology. This site provides news, quick facts, a bookstore, climate change policy issues, documents and an industry directory.


DukeSolutions Canada Inc.

Energy Council of Canada (ECC)
ECC is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the effectiveness of the national energy policy. This site provides information on projects, publications, events and energy issues.


Energy Information Administration (EIA)
EIA is a statistical agency of the U.S. Department of Energy whose mission is to develop energy data and analyses that help enhance the understanding of energy issues on the part of business, government and the general public. This comprehensive site provides data publications, feature articles, analysis, forecasts and presentations on various energy resources.


Energy Probe
Energy Probe is a consumer and research team active in the fight against nuclear power and dedicated to resource conservation, economic efficiency and utility regulation. This site features current news, articles and publications.


ENMAX Corporation
ENMAX is an electric distribution and transmission utility company based in Calgary, Alberta. This website provides visitors residential and business information, products and services, news and projects.


Enron Corporation

Enron North America
Enron is one of the largest buyers and sellers of energy services in North America. This site provides visitors with information on their products and services.


Environment Canada's Green Lane
This site features environmental news, Environment Canada's publications, online newsletters, events, regional sites, products and services, weather and environmental predictions as well as more information on pollution and climate change.

http://www.ec.gc.ca  OR

Hydro One Inc.
Hydro One Inc. owns and operates the electricity transmission and distribution system in Ontario. This site provides visitors with information on Hydro One's subsidiaries, environment, health and safety policies as well as current news.


Hydro Québec
Visitors may view current projects, world-wide activities and Hydro Québec's profile as well as news, publications and environmental issues related to hydropower.


Independent Electricity Market Operator (IMO)
The IMO is responsible for the daily operations of Ontario's electrical system. This site provides news and information on IMO's services and operations.


Institute for International Energy Studies (IIES)
Visitors may view international news related to energy, monthly bulletins, training seminars, workshops and conference information.


International Energy Agency (IEA)
The IEA is the energy forum for 25 member countries committed to taking joint measures to meet oil supply emergencies. This site provides information on IEA activities, publications, statistics, energy efficiency, energy technology and climate change as well as oil market reports.


National Energy Board (NEB)
The NEB website provides information on energy statistics, publications, safety and the environment, regulatory updates and an energy overview.


Natural Resources Canada: Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE)
The OEE is dedicated to keeping Canadians up to date on ways to save energy at home, at work and on the road. This website offers information on publications, programs, workshops and events as well as newsletters and links.


Ontario Energy Board (OEB)
The OEB is a regulatory agency of the Ontario Government and acts as an independent, quasi-judicial tribunal. This website provides users with information on electricity and gas rates, current OEB initiatives and publications.


Ontario Ministry of Energy, Science & Technology
This site features energy news, brochures and fact sheets as well as provides information on funding programs and events.


Ontario Power Generation
Ontario Power Generation is a new company with the mandate to compete in an Ontario marketplace that will be open to full competition in the year 2000. This site provides visitors with information on products and services as well as information on environmental initiatives.


Power Pool of Alberta
The Power Pool operates Alberta's electricity market. Visitors to this site may view reports and projects, current news and events, current supply and demand reports, system marginal prices and forecasts.


Régie de l'énergie - Québec
At present, a French only site, la Régie de l'énergie provides economic regulations on behalf of Québec energy consummers. Visitors to this site may receive more information and news on the organization.


Toronto Hydro
From products and services to green energy and deregulation, visit Toronto Hydro Corporation, Toronto Hydro-Electric System Ltd. and Toronto Hydro Energy Services located at this Toronto Hydro portal to find out more.


TransAlta is an international electric energy company based in Alberta, Canada. This site provides investor information, news and issues, community and environmental issues and programs.


UMA Group Ltd.
UMA Group is a Canadian, employee-owned company that provides project management, engineering, consulting and industrial contracting. This site provides users with more information on UMA Group's services and current news.


U.S. Department of Energy
The U.S. Department of Energy is a comprehensive website that provides users with news, publications, initiatives, programs, events, online newsletters and E-journals.


U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
FERC is an independent regulatory agency within the Department of Energy that regulates the transmission of natural gas, oil and electricity as well as licenses and inspects hydroelectric projects. This website provides information on electric, gas, hydro and oil regulations.


U.S. International Trade Administration - Energy Division
This website provides information on industry and regional research, trade statistics, current news, events, export counseling, trade promotion and energy links.


Vision Quest Windelectric Inc
Vision Quest Windelectric is a Canadian company that provides Green Energy products derived from renewable resources (primarily windelectric sources). This site provides information on products and services as well as resources and links.


Wind Power Inc. (WPI)
WPI is a Canadian owned and operated company formed in 1983 to develop wind power plants and supply wind energy to the electric utility grid system. This website provides users with information on Alberta's deregulation, Green Power, emission off-set credits, and WPI projects.



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