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Canadian Public Sector Sites

British Columbia 
New Brunswick, Newfoundland 
Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island 
Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut


Aboriginal Business Canada (ABC)
ABC provides support and business services to Aboriginal businesses and individuals across Canada. They also encourage government to purchase goods and services from Aboriginal businesses. Their site offers information on program criteria, the services and support they offer and contact information.


Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT)
This site offers the full text of the Agreement on Internal Trade, signed by the Governments of Canada, all provinces and territories. Chapter Five of the AIT covers the General Rules that apply to Procurement.


Blueprint for Renewing Government Services Using IT
This website, forming part of the Canadian Governments On-Line project, offers insight into finding technological solutions to improving service delivery and avoiding duplication amongst levels of government.


Canada Business Service Centres
This site is a gateway to federal, provincial and territorial governments' services and programs including help for business plan preparation, finding new markets, exporting/importing, business start-up, e-commerce and more.


Canadian Centre for Management Development
The site supports CCMD’s mandate to provide training, research and leadership development opportunities to federal public sector managers. Upcoming events are listed, and research and online learning opportunities are provided.


Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
Interested in doing business with CIDA? Check out this website to receive information on basic tips to doing business with CIDA, the contracting process, getting funding and current opportunities.


Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC)
The CCC assists Canadian exporters in selling products and services to public sector buyers in world-wide markets. The CCC website provides links to Canadian services, foreign opportunities and procurement information.


Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT)
The CITT website deals with bid challenges on Canadian government contracts arising under an international agreement. Visit the site to view listings of procurement-related scheduled hearings, orders and reasons, determinations and claims for costs or compensation.


Chief Information Officer (CIO)
This site has information on IM/IT management and executive development programs, portfolio management, information policy, strategic directions and communications, public key infrastructures and Info 2000.


Commissioner of the Environment & Sustainable Development
This site offers information about the Commissioner's role, as well as news and events, publications, "green" reports and an environmental database.

Contracts Canada
The Contracts Canada website enables businesses and government buyers to see what the federal government buys and how it buys. Publications and fact sheets about federal government policies and practices are provided as well as supplier registration, historical contract information and a list of federal government purchasers from a variety of departments and agencies.

Crown Assets Distribution Centres (CADC)
The CADC disposes of federal government surplus items by public sale, tender or auction. This site offers contact information for the eight regional centres across Canada and is an example of the final stage of the procurement life cycle, namely disposal, at the federal level.

Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT)
DFAIT promotes Canadian exporters and assists them in taking advantage of foreign opportunities by negotiating trade and investment agreements and resolving disputes. This site provides relevant information on trade and economic policy and international business development.


Department of Justice Canada - Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP)
This site provides resources related to Canadian laws and policies dealing with ATIP. Brochures, request forms, Treasury Board manuals, forms for ATIP Coordinators, Directory of Government records and contact information for all federal institutions are given. The site also details court decisions on access and privacy issues.


Department of National Defence (DND)
The website for DND and the Canadian Forces offers current news, defence policy, the ability to "Write to the Troops," as well as Access to Information request forms.


Department of National Defence ASD site
DND's Alternative Service Delivery program, was launched in July 1995 to review non-core activities and determine the most cost-effective delivery option, whether by transferring the work to another government department or agency, privatizing or partnering with industry.


Environment Canada's Green Lane
This site features environmental news, Environment Canada's publications, online newsletters, events, regional sites, products and services, weather and environmental predictions as well as more information on pollution and climate change.

http://www.ec.gc.ca  OR www.ec.gc.ca/eog-oeg/greener_procurement/Greener_Procurement.htm 

Federal Court of Canada

The FleetSmart program is run by Natural Resources Canada, aimed at helping fleet managers improve the performance and reduce the operating costs of their fleet through increased energy efficiency. The site offers a newsletter, tools and information on the program.


FleetWise is a Natural Resources Canada program providing fleet managers with tools and information about climate change and sustainable development.


Gathering Strength: Canada's Aboriginal Action Plan
This site provides information on the Government of Canada's 1998 response to the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. Its policy, designed to promote self-sufficiency among Aboriginal people, is called "Gathering Strength - Canada's Aboriginal Action Plan." A progress report from July 2000 is also available.


Government of Canada
The Government of Canada website is an internet access point through which internet users can obtain information about Canada, the Government of Canada and its programs and services. The site offers a series of links to government directories, institutions, provincial and territorial governments, international organizations and the InfoCentre.


Government On-Line (Canada)

Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC)
The HRDC site provides services for employers such as HR planning, market and industry information and Business Week magazine online. The site also details labour market information like: tools for interpreting the labour market industry, labour trends and links to related sites.


Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC)
The INAC website details the Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business (PSAB) developed to promote Aboriginal businesses within the federal government procurement community. This site also allows federal buyers to view the Aboriginal Supplier Inventory lists, and enables Aboriginal businesses to register as suppliers.


Industry Canada Strategis - Telehealth
Industry Canada's Strategis information mega-site includes a section on telehealth and e-health which includes market studies, initiatives, company listings, events and reports on the industry.


National Energy Board (NEB)
The NEB website provides information on energy statistics, publications, safety and the environment, regulatory updates and an energy overview.


Natural Resources Canada: Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE)
The OEE is dedicated to keeping Canadians up to date on ways to save energy at home, at work and on the road. This website offers information on publications, programs, workshops and events as well as newsletters and links.


NAV Canada

NRC's Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI)
Providing articles, literature searches and expert referrals, CISTI is a source for information in all areas of science, technology, engineering and medicine. This site explores the interview and final results of the June 1999 survey of Canadian R&D companies.


Office of the Auditor General of Canada
The Office of the Auditor General conducts independent audits and promotes accountability and best practices in government operations. Their site offers news and events, reports and publications, as well as information on the role of the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development.


Prime Minister's Office
The website offers a message from the Prime Minister and an opportunity to contact him, as well as press releases and information on key government initiatives.


Public Accounts of the Government of Canada
The Public Accounts of Canada, including Financial Statements for the federal government, are tabled in the House of Commons each year. This site includes the Public Accounts documents starting with 1995.


Public Service Commission (PSC) of Canada
PSC is the independent agency responsible for the appointment of qualified persons to the Canadian Federal Public Service. This site provides information on PSC services, executive programs, development programs, career opportunities, PSC initiatives, library and publications.


Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)
The PWGSC website provides information on their services which include: audit and review services, communication services, legal and real property services, and human resources. This site also details ongoing projects as well as opportunities for business and industry.


RCMP - Technical Security Branch (TSB)
The RCMP Technical Security Branch is responsible for physical and information security within the federal government. This site provides users with information on services, provided by TSB, which range from IT security consultations to physical security consulting services.


Reports of the Auditor General
This site offers the reports of Canada's Auditor General, available by year since 1981 or by federal institution or topic since 1994.


Standards Council of Canada
The Standards Council of Canada is a federal Crown corporation with the mandate to promote efficient standardization through the National Standards System. This website offers information on standards, news, accreditation programs, forums and more.


Statistics Canada
The Statistics Canada website offers information on current seminars, conferences and workshops as well as downloadable publications, research papers and recently released products.


Strategis - Industry Canada 
Strategis' website enables the user to identify new markets, find business partners, form alliances and access strategic business information. This site provides business information by sector, economic analysis and statistics, research technology and innovation, business support and financing, licenses and regulations.


Supreme Court of Canada

The Green Procurement Network

Translation Bureau - PWGSC
The Translation Bureau is a provider of linguistic services to Parliament and all levels of government. The website provides information on the Translation Bureau's services that include: translation and linguistic services, terminology and standardization services, interpretation and training services.


Transport Canada: Public-Private Partnerships
Transport Canada's website provides three downloadable reports concerning Public-Private Partnerships in relation to Canadian highways: PPP's and their Role in a Possible National Highway Program, Context of PPP's for Highways in Canada and PPP's for Highways: Experience, Structure, Financing, Applicability and Comparative Assessment.


Treasury Board Draft Policy on Accounting for Capital Assets
This policy lays out the federal government's intentions to adopt accrual accounting and the objective, requirements and criteria for that implementation.


Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS)
The Treasury Board Secretariat's mission is to manage the human, financial, information and technology resources of the Government of Canada. This site provides policies and publications on procurement, contracting, information management and materiel management at the federal government level.



British Columbia

BC Bid
The BC Bid website features opportunities for goods, services and construction as well as bid results and links to the BC Purchasing Commission, the Government of BC and the ministry of finance.


British Columbia Buildings Corporation (BCBC)
BC Building Corp. was established in 1977 to provide accommodation and real estate services to the provincial government. Visitors to the BCBC website may access information on publications and technical manuals, career opportunities, activities, announcements as well as BCBC services and products.


BC Hydro
This site features information on BC Hydro news and projects, environmental and community activities as well as customer support services.


BC Business Centre
The Government of British Colombia Business Centre features several sections relevant to small businesses including: marketing basics, financing your business, planning fundamentals and basic regulations as well as websites for small businesses.


BC Ministry of Finance

BC Online

BC Purchasing Commission
From online tenders and bid results to a list of master standing offers, the British Columbia Purchasing Commission website provides both suppliers and public sector buyers with purchasing related information, news and events.




Alberta wellnet
Alberta wellnet is coordinating efforts to build an integrated health network in Alberta. The site offers more information about telehealth, as well as project profiles, milestones and project partners.


City of Calgary Fleet & Supply Management
The site provides information on the policies and practices of the administration, purchasing, materials management and fleet services departments at the City of Calgary.



City of Regina
The City of Regina's website provides more information on the "Cool Down the City" initiative featured in Summit as well as other environmental projects including: water, sewage treatment and white metal goods recycling programs.



City of Winnipeg

Province of Manitoba



City of Mississauga 
This site offers basic information on the services the City of Mississauga provides to businesses and the community. 

City of Niagara Falls
This site offers basic information on the services the City of Niagara provides businesses and the community.


City of Ottawa 
This site offers basic information on the services the new City of Ottawa provides business and the community. 

City of Toronto
This is the official Toronto municipal government site, offering information on the city and its services. As well, the site offers information for businesses interested in selling to the City of Toronto.


City of Toronto Tenders
This site provides potential suppliers with information on current tenders and requests for quotations, on getting on the bidder's list and on city policies.


District School Board of Niagara
The site provides information on academic resources, educational services, schools and employment opportunities, as well as a link to the purchasing centre under the departments link.


Government of Ontario: Procurement Policy and IT Procurement Branch
Visitors may register as a Broader Public Sector (BPS) vendor, view current issues and receive information on doing business with the Government of Ontario. Public Sector officials may view buyer fact sheets, download sample procurement documents and conduct a vendor search.


Halton Co-operative Purchasing Group 
This site introduces the member agencies of the Halton Co-operative Purchasing Group and their vision. Its members include the Region of Halton, the City of Burlington, the Towns of Halton Hills, Milton and Oakville as well as libraries, school boards, etc.

Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA)
As a provincial Crown Corporation, the OCWA provides water and wastewater service to Ontario municipalities. The OCWA site gives information related to the clean water process, operations and maintenance, and the environmental policy.


Ontario Management Board Secretariat
Visitors to this site are provided with the Ontario government's procurement policies and practices, may register as a Broader Public Sector client, receive information on how to do business with the Ontario government and, finally, visitors may view lists of corporate contracts.


Ontario Ministry of Energy, Science & Technology
This site features energy news, brochures and fact sheets as well as provides information on funding programs and events.


Ontario Ministry of Transportation
This site provides private sector businesses the ability to register as a new contractor or consultant, view contract bulletins and consultant opportunities and receive information concerning the Registry Appraisal & Qualification System (RAQS).


Ontario Realty Corporation
A crown corporation, Ontario Realty operates as an agency of the Management Board of Cabinet and is responsible for managing the real estate assets of the province of Ontario. This bilingual site includes information and reports on real estate and facility management as well as the monthly newsletter, Realty Report.


Region of Peel
This website lists upcoming events, regional news, programs and services and publications. Visitors interested in information specifically related to the contract awarded to OCWA for the Region of Peel water treatment facility may search the news releases under the key words Ontario Clean Water Agency.


Shared Services Bureau

Thames Valley District School Board

University of Western Ontario Purchasing
The website of the purchasing department at the University of Western Ontario includes information about how to sell to the university, asset management and disposal, supply contacts and how to buy goods and services.




Hydro Québec
Visitors may view current projects, world-wide activities and Hydro Québec's profile as well as news, publications and environmental issues related to hydropower.


Ministère des Finances, Gouvernment du Québec
This site outlines the ministry's mission, details its budgets and provides a list of available publications and press releases.


Régie de l'énergie - Québec
At present, a French only site, la Régie de l'énergie provides economic regulations on behalf of Québec energy consummers. Visitors to this site may receive more information and news on the organization.



New Brunswick, Newfoundland
Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island

Dalhousie Medical School - Telemedicine
The Nova Scotia TeleHealth Network is a partnership between the Nova Scotia Department of Health, Dalhousie Medical School, TecKnowledge Healthcare Systems Inc. and MTT. This site also features other innovative programs at Dalhousie, including environmental health, bioethics, health law and medical humanities.

Halifax Regional Municipality: Halifax Harbour Solutions Project
This site provides information on the Halifax Harbour Solutions Project, several maps of the treatment centres and links to other harbour clean-up projects in Canada and the US.


Halifax Regional Municipality Waste
The Halifax Regional Municipality website provides information on the Halifax Harbour Solutions Project, the Eco-Efficiency Centre, transportation projects and other environment programs. This site also provides the region of Halifax's procurement policy, opportunities, tenders and awards.


Nova Scotia Department of Education
The site offers information about Nova Scotia's Department of Education, its services and programs, as well as media releases, including information about school construction.


Nova Scotia Department of Health
The site offers information on healthcare transition within the province of Nova Scotia, policy and reports produced by the department, as well as health-related links.


Nova Scotia Public Tenders Notice Service
This site provides users with the Nova Scotia government's procurement policies. Visitors may view tender notices, award notices and related links to other global procurement sites.



Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut

Government of the Northwest Territories

Government of Nunavut
The Government of Nunavut website details Nunavut's past, present and future in terms of economic development, culture and language issues, executive and intergovernmental affairs, finance and administration issues and sustainable development strategies.


NWT Financial Management Board Secretariat (FMBS)
Among topics featured on this site are: collective bargaining, government spending and Public Private Partnerships, news releases, human resources documents, financial documents and information concerning government expenditures, contracts and more.



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