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Materiel Management National Workshop
A key to ‘respectability’

Mark it in your daybook now! Any materiel management or procurement specialist who is anyone will need to be at the Ottawa Congress Centre, May 28 to 30 for the 13th Annual Materiel Management National Workshop (MMNW). This year’s national workshop is continuing where it’s been headed for the past several years: bigger, bolder and better. The theme of the event is Modernizing Service Delivery With Our Partners and nothing could be more appropriate.

“Materiel and procurement specialists are increasingly seen both internally and externally as key strategic business partners who are crucial to effective service delivery,” according to Bob Myers, Chairman of the 13th Annual National Workshop, Director of Materiel Management and Contracting for Canadian Heritage and Vice President of Professional Development for the MMI. “Our community, one that used to be perceived as chiefly administrative in nature, is increasingly being seen as a primary knowledge resource, an integral component of business strategy for overall modern organizational management.”

Public sector business is being recognized as one of the most influential strategic management functions in service delivery and it is certainly one of the key bell-weathers for the introduction of e-government. Modern service delivery demystifies government. Its focus is transparency, ease of use, relevance and accountability. Frills are sacrificed for functionality. While these are themes that are all too familiar for public sector materiel managers and procurement practitioners, their professional benefit to colleagues and clients hinges more and more on their ability to be true ‘knowledge workers.’ The value of our community is developing and maintaining key business relationships both inside and outside of the organization. This also means that professional development and professional qualifications have a much greater emphasis for the effectiveness and career development of individuals.

The 2002 MMNW concentrates on the practical foundation of materiel management and procurement professionalism. It offers five overall streams:

  • Business and Partnerships will explore the range of interactions professionals are developing to further modern procurement processes and techniques, everything from sharing risk to common services and the development of formal public-private partnerships.
  • The Building a Strong Community stream takes a close look at professional qualifications, certification issues, professional development and career opportunities for public sector materiel managers and procurement specialists and enhancement of the status of the overall community.
  • Strategic Planning addresses the integration of planning, purchasing, processing and information needs in modern public organizations and the strategic role of the community in meeting organizational and service delivery goals.
  • Emerging Trends will examine procurement methods and techniques in the context of our changing society and economy, global linkages, technology change, e-commerce and e-procurement, identifying working dynamics professionals will be facing as organizations evolve.
  • Best Practices – What’s in it for me? is a stream that is designed to share successes, saving time and money and offering real world examples of innovative business solutions.

The 2002 National Workshop features an ice-breaker reception on May 28, a reception and gala dinner on May 29 and a thematic luncheon on May 30. The May 29 Trade Show has become a particularly popular feature of the MMNW with 60 exhibits on state-of-the-art products and services, professional development career opportunities along with interactive activities and door prizes.

The 13th Annual MMNW also offers its traditional pre-workshop training component on May 28. This year the pre-workshop is sponsored by the Professional Development and Certification Program for Procurement, Materiel Management and Real Property community and will help participants ensure they have the tools in place to create win-win contracts through the Statement of work in action: Getting what you want. The objective of the workshop is to maximize on investments with statements of work that accurately and effectively reflect government’s often complex requirements.

“The Annual National Workshop has grown in popularity and sophistication over the years. It is an incomparable value for participants. I have no doubt we’ll be sold out very quickly,” says Bob Myers. “I’m also looking forward to a very well presented and relevant conference. A solid team of representatives from at least a dozen departments are working hard at it.”

Registration fees for the two-day workshop range from early bird rates of $525 for MMI members and $610 for non-members, including all events and activities. The pre-workshop training costs $325 for members and $410 for non-members. Blocks of hotel rooms have been set aside for delegates. More information and registration is available from the Materiel Management Institute at tel: (613) 725-0980. Participants can also register on-line at: www.mmi-igm.ca.



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